Monday, 13 August 2012

World Domination EWC

First week of September 2012 will see the Evil Wrasse Cult unleash on the rocks of the south coast of England ready for the Lure world take over........
First Batch of T's are going to be White for pure eye catching brightness on the rocks and will have the full chest design seen here

The T's will be in most popular sizes and can be ordered via once i have got the stock. Will post on here when the first batch lands on my door step. Will be doing Red amd Blue T's in the future so Please help my new and Exciting brand hit the ground rolling......
Remember when Wrassing, Go BIG or go home!

Danny EWC 

Evil Wrasse Cult

Heres the new home of the newest and freshest Wrasse fishing brand designed around the roots of Lure fishing for Wrasse with Soft Plastics

I am creating these limited editions Tshirts, Caps and Hoodys which will all feature cool front designs for the modern lure angler who's hopping around the rocks with a bag full of lures!

We have a Evil Wrasse Cult team. My self
Karl "Portland Penetrator" Fox
Jim Odonnell
Gemma Roser
I will post up recent new from the EWC scene and new and exciting things as and when we release the newest fishing clothing brand! 
If anyone wishes to recieve Tshirts etc them please Email me at and i will get back to you ASAP. 
Keep your eyes peeled for the first batch of gear in early Sept 2012

Danny EWC